Donator Planet Issue

Hi @RexXxuS,

Mogo is a Green ball of death again. I sent you a new .yaml for it. If you could sub it in next reboot that’d be swell. The POI probably needs to be replaced with your unlimited drone one.

According to HOPS these area’s needed to be fixed still. I can send a new file ifd need but I think you can just change it on the fly and they small fixes.

A) your planet description needs to be in double quotes, B) your creatures will never spawn in your mountain biomes as they are all restricted to below 40 alt.

Please help as we’d like to start using it.

I dont know if the creature distribution needs to be “fixed” really, they are just ALL under 40m which is probably where all your people also are :smiley:

description is easy and i could even be wrong XD

I can maybe take a crack at slipping it in, but need to look at your current drone base setup.

Hey I ment to keep them ground level to give our guys a challenge… I put up one of the hard poi with turrets and stuff but feel free to change what ever you want it to be… I just found the pyramid to be boring LOL…cranked up the spawn rates and added drones to the deposits… and added good planets and changed the animals that’s about it :slight_smile:


Any ETA on fix? no rush just wondering if I should setup shop somewhere else?

I will throw this in here rather than start new post as NFA and Op4 are allies and in same cluster.
perhaps you can fix them both in same trip.

I messaged admin requested that Op4 Donor resource be changed prior to most recent wipe.
Received a confirmation yet the planet remained unchanged. Anyway this could be fixed or will
I need wait until next wipe?

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