Donator status, OCD items, Miner levels, all lost

So with the update to 5.0 it appears that I have lost my donor status, all the resources I had in my OCD, and my miners are set back to 0 (was gold at 10, and bc at 8). It is basically acting like I have never been on the server before. Please help.

Super Cereal
Server = NA

this is bad hope this does not happen to me.

Yeah, it was very disheartening to see. I can live with the loss of all the resources ( which was a substantial amount), but the loss of the donor pkg and miner levels… that pretty much has me not wanting to play :frowning:

Did you login to the wrong server?
I see a full OCD and Donations. Or does it maybe take a while.
Web might be not updated yet.

I thought the same thing at first Jascha. So I backed out to see what server I logged into, and it was the NA server. Also on HWS connect it says "Sorry but you have not played on HWS yet :frowning: "

Ok. So, based on what you said Jascha “I see a full OCD…” I went back and refreshed my HWS connect a couple times, and now it shows all my stuff… No clue why it didn’t show up before. Sorry to waste your time.

The Web was not accurate. always check ingame. Web is taking a lot longer.

Same for me, i’m a donator and HWS connect tell me that i never played on the server, and all my stuff is gone !
but btw i can’t connect to the server it say “too many players online” … 128/177 dafuk ?

About the too many players… Game bug. Devs fix it with next restart tonight.

About donor… dont worry all there. Website is still in progress.