Double Screwed

I have a sv stuck somehow in a pole on Jup. Also banned for saying screwed. I petition Screwed and “penis” be taken out of the bannable word list. If not please add vagina to it so it is not sexist, would not want the fems to be left out. ;p Going into the real world for a few hours I guess.

m8 I raised this exact issue a month ago, the admins fucking love their swear filter for some reason :laughing:

Got it out for you a while ago. Just reading the post :wink:
How did it end up there? Any idea?
Cause its happening quite often. Need to find the problem.

sorry i never check in, it seems that any time I have a fire fight and get lured into a playfield cross over it happens quite often. I dont know if its certain ships or what is goin on. Just seems to happen alot when in fights, and with the new JRK faction having this playstyle of back and fourth its occurring more often, lol i think theres a couple svs of mine stuck now. That one was on jup but there was a bunch of activity last night on 0860895045U6945U6-NA planet and orbit. Thanks tho. where did u put the one you recovered?

Ok thx for the info.
Well not sure anymore… 2 of your friends were online and I told them about the ship, but they were in a gith or so. But it should show on hws connect.