Drama war cease fire

While the faction banter wars do provide some entertainment to those who enjoy immolation, it is getting way out of hand. I admit sometimes it is rather humorous but now is DEFINITELY not the time to lay it on thick. The admin team is stressed enough dealing with the current server issues. The time wasted on moderation would be much better spent on fixing the major disconnecting issues we are ALL having.

I call on all those who usually have no issue kicking sand in other’s faces to lay down arms on the banter wars. At least until we have a stable playground. Now is not the ideal time to flex banter skills.


You make good point there bob. I think its out of pure boredom tbh. Atm the server is not even really stable for even sv battles and even pois are shit with dc and npc running around like crackheads leaving most people with nothing to do. I feel instead of having a support ticket war. Everyone should talk it out via pm or voice


Everybody already chilled out yesterday, why even make this now?

Because we thrive on conflict.

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Who makes tickets anyway… oh the loser in game. >;)