Xanif and I have spent so much time shitposting on the forums about “How a capital ship combat game should be.” - that well we decided to play one that does it fairly well.

The game has gone open beta and is free to play - although it uses the World of Tanks progressive grind model so your ability to effectively progress past Tier 4 without coughing up some money is questionable.

With that said - Tier 1 and Tier 2 are still tons of fun. Hit me up if you want to squad with us.


The fun thing about tier 1 and 2 matches is that people have no idea how to play. Corvettes (small, agile, high dps) are extremely easy to counter by turning on your shields but nobody ever does.

So you get to do things like wreck the other team’s support or sniper ships with impunity.

It’s hilarious.

Also you get to watch LBP members fly into walls because we’re bad at video games.

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I have couple of hours in fractured space and know how to play.

Is this game worth the try or is it just a try to bring an alternative to the market like Paladins <> Overwatch?

It’s very similar to fractured space but it takes a more death match approach rather than the MOBA approach that fractured space has. There are different gameplay modes, but all essentially revolve around k/d ratios rather than holding objectives to level up and pushing that advantage.

Frankly the MOBA aspect and levels aspect is the thing I disliked the most about Fractured Space - really the most enjoyable fights were those for Gamma buff - everything before and after was less interesting.

The biggest issues you might have with Dreadnought is the progression grind. If you payed World of Tanks - you know what you are in for - as in being forced to grind a ship you do not enjoy playing very much to get a ship you do enjoy.

There are also legitimate balance issues as well as a steep learning curve to some of the more cool down focused ships.

And of course sometimes your team just has too many idiots who feed kills to the enemy team.

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This is crucial especially at low tiers. The support ships simply don’t have the healing throughput to save you if you do dumb things.

What are dumb things?

-Sitting still and shooting at enemies while everyone on their team is trying to kill you. You don’t use defensive abilities, you don’t move to dodge shots, you just sit there and die.
-Just because you’re in a dreadnought doesn’t mean you’re invulnerable. Stop charging into their team head first.

Those are the big mistakes I see frequently. You have to save yourself, you can’t rely on other people bailing you out.

Other things that people don’t grasp immediately:

-Tactical cruisers (the support/healing ships) are a very real threat to small nimble ships (corvettes) because tac cruiser weapons are hitscan and don’t care how much you duck and weave as long as I can keep my mouse pointer on you. It has deceptively long range as well so try to break LoS asap.
-Energy is life. Use it. If you don’t have energy and you’re out of position you’re going to die.
-You get a loud alert when a nuke is about to land on your head. I suggest you raise your shields.

I’ve only been playing tier 1 and 2 battles so I don’t understand the mechanics of the game in depth and the ability tool tips are rather spartan but that’s what I’ve noticed so far.

Yup the number of people who do not use their energy at all is baffling. Part of it I think is that they teach to use the E menu which is really clunky. F1, F2,F3 are far easier to use.

The I have frequently 1 on 1 killed the exact same ship I was flying simply by powering up my guns while they…they just sat there with a full energy bar.

Also it is not possible to move side to side rapidly - but it is very easy to move up and down quickly and will drive snipers crazy.

Ah alright - doesn’t sound too bad although I am very good in moba.

Grinding can be good and bad. World of Tanks wasn’t so my type but I know it from War Thunder.
As you said especially the type of ships sounds good. I liked Strike Vector a lot. So it is the decision like in Mech Warrior. Tank but slow or weak but fast etc.

Regarding team - well, as always :wink:

Last and most important questions:

  1. Are the ships balanced?
  2. How long is the waiting queue till a match is found?
  3. Just in case… is there a kind of matchmaking at all?

There are a few ships that are in need of love. Overall though the ship classes are fairly well balanced. It’s just a handful of ships like the Ballista or the Jutland that need some mobility and damage boosts.

Much of the whining you will hear though seems to be coming from players who are really bad. I’ve had a very good time with every single T1 and T2 ship so far - but some do require signinficantly more effort to play well than others. T2 destroyers are actually very much cool down based - but people just seem to rely on their guns to do the damage.

The way the classes work is that every single ship type, dreadnought, destroyer, corvette, artillery, tactical also has a light, medium and heavy variant.

There is some tweaking to be done there as personally I find the light artillery to be outclassed by a medium artillery in most cases - most but not all.

Right now 2-3 minute at most it seems - at least at T1-T2. The game had a fresh wipe in late Jan so most of the players right now are in the T1-T3 range.

As far as I know there is no player rankings like in Fractured Space. It’s really just based on the ships in your fleet.

The current Tiers are Recruit. Tier 1-2. Veteran - T2-T4 and Legendary with is T5.

As long as you keep at least one T1 ship in your fleet you will never be placed in a Veteran match. Your veteran fleet should only really contain T3+ ships.

Lots of whining is about T3 ships having to fight T4 to advance -but frankly having been in a T2 ship against T4s, it wasn’t that horrible.

I see. Well I am always open for some fun.
Download at 90% :wink:
I am RexXxuS there - surprise.

Will check it out what elements they copied from whom. Sounds really like they grabbed some inspirations from everywhere x)

Edit: they get a cookie also for making Grey of Goo. Not the expected replacement for all the awesome strategy games like C&C but they tried and it was fun for a time

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We are usually on 7pm EST ~ 1am EST - I am not sure our times would intersect - but if you do ping us on Discord.

1 game lost, 1 game won.
Sniper ship too stronk Kappa.

To level up fast I guess I play support as usual.
Yeah, maybe at the weekend we catch each other

it’s look quite good , is this closed beta or open beta ? b2p of f2p ?
fractured space is pretty meh :confused:

Nice!!! Will download this and check out.

I too was not into WoT, but I did dig Fractured space, and played way too much war thunder.


Open beta and free to play.