Drone attacks

Hi All,

I have been playing on the HWS server for a few months now, on the first season i joined i was Aliance and now I am in Federation.

Before I started playing on HWS I only played solo games.

Since playing on HWS I have realised that I have never had any drone attacks on my base or seen any zirax HV’S or Cargo CV’s in space that are zirax that you can go destroy.

Does that not happen on the HWS server or am i too slow to find these PVE zirax going around :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello and welcome back @Chrisdd

I activated Drone Base attacks on almost every planet. PvE especially.
But in MP it’s a lot different than SP.
The most important factor is how far away from the Drone Base you have your base built.
The further away the less the chances the drones will reach you, because they get shot down by other players along the way.
Second, are you hostile with Zirax for example. If you Repuation is neutral or better you don’t get Drone Base attacks.

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Hi RexXxus, that makes sense now! The server is great by the way, think I am on my 3rd season with HWS

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