DSH / SHT - traders or hunters?

Hey since you guys came everyday to attack the SFT base on Gold planet Im just curious about if you guys are traders or hunters?. Or are trying to switch from traders to hunters maybe and thats why 2 factions and roles? This because mostly all things I found are together .

Asking this because I need to know so no mistakes while Im shooting out. Or if we destroy things that are side to each other.

One example

Have fun brothers :rocket:

Hey SpiritMIA,

SHT is not associated with DSH. We are hunters.

We first joined the hunter faction because we liked the idea of bounties, and it sounded like we were able to kill both “good and bad people” but that the goal was to get bounties.

With the recent addition of HWS Police and their ability to take some of your stuff, delete structures, jail you, etc, the Hunter Faction no longer suits our current operations. The current rules of engagement don’t reall seem to offer a lot of room for the type of territorial wars we have been trying to have. I am pitching the idea of switching to Lawless so that we can continue our operations as normal without any confusion of our role. I also want to add that up until now, we have been attacking everyone because everyone is attacking everyone. The few times we did not shoot first, we got shot. This is what eventually led to our “kill all the things” policy.

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Alright then!!

It sounds you guys have a pretty cool plan and a lot of fun! Perfect now its more clear for us to.

Agreed with the things your saying and thanks for this info and the repply my friend.

Hope you guys have an amazing week!