During Fullwipes does everything i Build get destroyed?

I started playing multiplayer in December and just noticed that there was a statement about every 3 months a full wipe is done on the servers which would result in all my structures and materials being destroyed. I am trying to determine whether playing online is worth my time or if it is back to a single-player where I do not have to rebuild everything every 3 months. I do not like spending hours building things simply to have them destroyed 3 months later. Limits such as these are why I stopped playing Conan exiles multiplayer. Currently, i play on the vanilla server.

Welcome to HWS,
every server, even the vanilla servers, wipe regular. Even in Singleplayer you are forced to start a new game when a big patch is coming. The longer a savegame runs, the bigger and unstable it gets. Let alone incompatibilities from patch to patch sometimes. It’s the nature of this game.

However, on HWS we try to make this process as engaging and less frustrating as possible with many features.
For example the Orbital Cargo Drone, that stores your items throughout a full wipe.
So all of your materials are not destroyed.
Combined with EGS Recycle, you can dismantle your structures into materials and then put those into the OCD.
In the last 7 years of running HWS I can rather say full wipes became almost a ritual that everyone got excited for.

I understand the multiplayer as everyones should be at the same level. I think it is wrong to force players to update their singleplayer games. i am happy with the game the way it was at the beginning and dont want my single-player games to be disrupted. If i had known that this was an issue with this game I would likely not buy it. It is one thing i like about Minecraft. The game developers give me the choice of using the latest version or I can go back to an earlier version if I liked it better. I feel like I am being punished for buying the game. A few years ago when i first played Conan Exiles I downloaded it from a website and because it was not a legit copy it would not update. Then 3 months later I bought the game and was annoyed with the updates as it meant I would have to start my single-player games from scratch. Many times the updates are things I care about. The only update for this game that would be of value to me is if they added NPC guards for bases and ships, slave drives so i can have fleets, and docking computers so I can auto-dock ships. Maybe allowing me to sell structures to computer players.

All of that is already kinda available.

I think in the end it just comes down to personal taste.

Look there are humans that buy a Lego set to build it once, put it in a showcase and let it dust forever and there are humans that buy Lego to build stuff, have fun with it, dismantle it, build something new, have fun with it, dismantle it again and keep repeating this process to enjoy creativity.

Some enjoy Minecraft and their Million Dollar expenses (thanks to Microsoft) to keep savegames compatibile over the years and some find it boring to come back to their stuff they built years ago and after a quick nostalgy flash, they got remembered why they left the game, cause they build everything they wanted back then.

It’s personal taste but as you guessed already: without change there is no progress. Not in nature. Not for humans. Not for anything.

Good luck and have fun either way.


During Fullwipes does everything i Build get destroyed?

Yes and No.

i was playing on the Vanilla server and hws does not work there. I am aware if i do not want the game to update i can change the file location and execute the file from there like I did with Conan Exiles and ark. I am not really a Human as I cannot relate with Human behavior as it is too outlandish and inefficient.

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it never ceases to amaze me the value we put into the land of make believe.

wipes are a standard mechanic for nearly all survival games. the S in EGS stands for survival. believe me this was a major turn off for myself in the beginning. thankfully here at HWS we have a website dedicated to planned apocalypses. click on connect at the top of this site to play this game the way it was meant to be…

example of how it feels when u initially discover HWS connect…

Except that I buy the game as is so expect it to remain the way as is. If it changes than I expect it to be optional and not negatively effect my entertainment. I understand completely it i am playing multiplayer i need to be at the same level as everyone else. However if I am playing singleplayer which I usually do than I would expect updates to be optional. When i buy something i am basically entering a contract that I spend an agreed upon amount of money for your product and the product you deliver needs to be as stated and if for any reason you change your end than I should have the right to change my end if the change negatively affects the product i had purchased. This is a major annoyance with conan exiles as well. As I said before i feel like I get punished for buying the game when if i simply got a pirated version the thing that annoys me is not present. I use games such as Conan exiles, Ark, and Empyrion to escape reality and to have a more productive means to get out aggression as having to deal with people is super frustrating. It does not help when i come home to my single player game and everything i spent months building is destroyed. Video game developers should allow players to decide whether or not they want the updates. Especially if they are playing singleplayer where they are not affecting anyone else. I normally do not play multiplayer long because i dislike dealing with other people and just want to go off into some space far from everyone else.

Once you accept that nothing is for ever - that existence is chaos and everything you love and know, and will never know will return to a state of entropy - no matter how hard as a species we try to find meaning… there is, ultimately none other than the petty goals we set ourselves. Once you accept this ultimate truth…

It really makes getting over Empyrion and Conan wipes and updates a bit easier.

Also - games that are never updated/improved tend to fail harder as hardware develops - so don’t wish for the updates to stop!

that era ended with offline media. when u buy a game that is constantly under development, this is the new norm. but technically yes u could still do this in a single player environment playing with offline mode (for as long as Steam allows it.)

but either way, you shouldn’t expect no changes here in HWS. it is a private server hosted to the public on a very unstable foundation from the game’s developers. we constantly are at the mercy of updates that take two step forwards and six giant steps back sometimes. sadly that is a nature of the beast with modern gaming.

all i know is the likeliness of me ever buying another product or suggesting a product from this company again is not likely. I bought something and I am not able to enjoy it because them wiping the game every 3 months. I should have the choice of whether or not to allow it to be updated or not. At the moment I really want my money back because I definitely am not getting what I paid for

You purchased a game on Steam.
Steam does not allow the option of telling any game to not update.
This is a Steam imposed limitation and not an Empyrion limitation
Steam does not and never has had an option of “do not update”.
So you should have already been aware of this Steam limitation, as it applies to every single game on Steam.

Empyrion does not force you to wipe and start over in single player.
There hasn’t been a forced single player wipe in over a year…
That hasn’t happened since they left early access.

Now, the devs do SUGGEST you start over to get all the new content and bug fixes, but it has not been mandatory at all in a long time.

In fact, I’ve still got some saves that are over 2 years old.
They still start up and play just fine.
There may be a couple bugs that have long been fixed that i won’t get until i restart, but the saves very much still work.

you received exactly what you paid for. perhaps your expectations need to be adjusted to reality, not the opposite.

either way a discussion of a refund needs to be done with steam, not on a website from a private server host that has nothing to do with the store you visited for the game. simply apply for a refund on Steam as you would any other title and leave feedback there for the developers to see. contact Steam if you don’t know how. they do not see nearly anything posted here as HWS has no officiation with Steam (the company that took your money) or Eleon (the company who developed this game.)

i cant not access the OCD in the vanilla server.

I don’t host vanilla server