EAC kicked me

I had kick from EAC.
What is EAC?
Why kicked me?

Go into your game options from the main menu and make sure your game is set to start with EAC. Restart your game and you should be fine.

EAC = Easy Anti Cheat; whilst not the best anti-cheat it is what we have with Empyrion.

Would probably help if you posted the exact message you got from kick.
If you cannot connect to the server and get a message saying you must have EAC enabled then you can do this in the settings and restart game.

If you were online and playing on the server and got a random kick from EAC then it could be something like a 3rd party software that is being flagged by EAC.
Some software for mouse/keyboard will set that off and I know for certain with ASUS laptops there are some ASUS software that cause issues with EAC.

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Οκ.thank you…have a nace day

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