EAC Problem after last update

I get a box after the update that says "EAC detected an integrity problem: Unknown file version (Empyrion_Data\resources.assets) Multiplayer is only possible with unprotected servers! WTF I leave for 3 days and come back to this lol, ok I am going to do the steam files integrity test first. I just never saw this error before and I have been away so I need to login to not lose my crap.

the steam check said one bad file found so I think we are all good.

I have same problem. yesterday worked fine. Integrity check is not working, steam says every file is ok.

I cant play in any server at all. allways the same. I tryed also delete the files it informs and then install again, does not work ??

edit. Now got it to work. Deleted 3 times those files. very odd, something wrong with last update or steam delivering those wrong

yeah I had one file updated by steam but I never got around to trying to login after it updated I will try tonight when I get off work and see if it lets me in

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