Each Planet at HW system as Eton

Make each planet at HW captured as Eton event for every faction can understand what is it.

Every Homeworld Moon (Waterworld, Iceworld, etc.) should be a Capture the Base Event?

Need more thoughts on this cause this has some issues in the long run.

yes base event for every hw planets its allow all faction try it . Big faction try get all but he cant conrol all at once.

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this is a great suggestion! i feel this will help bridge the gap between PvE & PvP greatly.

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I’m interested in how this will bridge the gap between PvP and PvE? The only possible way I see it working out is for a large alliance agreeing that X group gets this playfield, Y gets these other playfields, and Z gets their share as well. This, along with the “Kick-out” for those who aren’t in the winner’s faction, is causing an even larger gap between PvE and PvP players. Those who like to ninja mine, and get their goods, trying to stay out of the way of the pirate factions, will be entirely removed from the equation. The homeworld moons need to stay unlocked, for anyone to enter.

TLDR: Don’t have any kind of event on the homeworld planets, I prefer to mine in peace :wink: