EAH buttons and tabs grayed out

some of my buttons and tabs are greyed out. I am listed as admin and can edit.

I guess I could have given a little more info. I am trying to set up EAH and some of my buttons are greyed out and some one the check boxes are greyed out I can not select any of them
Screenshot 1


do you have the Lite or Full Version?
Do you run EAH as master directly on the server, or do you run EAH remote on your computer as slave with another EAH running on the server as master?

I have it running I am guessing as the master on the server I rent from gtx and then slave on my pc both full versions per the directions from gtx knowledge base

ah ok. Then you need to use the Master Config to change those things:

Is it possible to swap them I don’t know how to get into the one running on the server

Please see the screenshot and do that on your client

Thanks, I was at work when I replied, but after getting home and taking a closer look I found where to change it. I never seen it till now lol

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Not sure what I did, but now it is having connecting issues. closed it out to try and get it to refresh info on a player and now it does not want to reconect.

Just seen where you put out an update today so I will try that and see it that fixes my new issues.