EAH Connect to Windows Rootserver HELP


how can I connect to the Empyrion Admin Helper on my Windows Root server 2012 V2 from my Desctop?

I have server entered the IP but it does not conectet. is there ne guidance? or a video tutorial?

Make it a master/slave tool.

there are post on the official empyrion forum how too.


and how do I set the the master / slave tool? have tried many IP options but it would not work. synonymous gives no proper guidance

Config tool on the server master. GIve it a IP (ip of the server where the master is runing) give it a port. Forward the port in ur firewll.

Own pc COnfig put it on slave. Give it the port and IP what u used in master. Done

Super it works. have tried so long thanks to you it is now

Glad it works :slight_smile:

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