EAH freeze after some minutes

Hello guys!!

I’m running a small server and after the last update (, after some minutes, the tool freezes the GUI, stop to respond cb: commands and don’t run timetable schedules anymore. I need to force the shutdown to start again.
After some digging in logs, I saw that after the freeze, the “Log_XXXXXX” and “Log_connection_XXX” stop to update, the “Log_Statistics_XXXX.txt” keeps updating, but nothing useful.

I’m using a fresh downloaded version, restored the config folder and this problem started.

Anyone can help me with this?


do you use the Lite or the Full Version?
Do you run EAH on the Server or on a local PC with Master/Slave setting?

Could you send me the last Log_xxxxxxx file please?

Hey Jascha!

Thank you for the reply.

I’m using the Full version, in the Server.

I’m pasting the last 2 Log_xxxxx file. One from 09/23 and the last one of today, 09/24. The tool freezed at 12:04AM, just in the middle of a scheduled restart.

Date Time Status Message23.09.2021 00:00:04.128 I Version: - Pastebin.com - 09/23
Date Time Status Message24.09.2021 00:00:03.218 I Version: - Pastebin.com - 09/24


could you try to use the V01.57.3 version from our ftp
just go to Download | Emp Admin Helper
and then click on the Full version. Under The “Test Versions” is the V01.57.3.

This should fix the issue. Maybe you can let me know if that one works better.

I assume you are using Reforged Eden Scenario?

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Of course! I’ll test it here. Thanks!

And Yes, I’m using RE Scenario.


Thank you so much! This version is working perfectly. No freezes, no crashes. Thank you!

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