EAH Full or Lite for Server Providers

Hi, i have been researching about how to config and open a server, tools, etc., i don’t have the capacity to host it on my own but i was looking to rent a server

One thing i am very worried about is to be able to use EAH Full or lite, i am not 100% how many features you loose with the lite version since some server providers or host won’t allow the full version to work, for what i read seems Nitrado will allow you to have the lite version (with some luck)

In that regard, since everyone here has far more exp than me, do you guys know or recommend any server host (based on the USA or have USA locations) that allow ideally EAH full or lite without too much troubleshoot steps?.

Also, not sure if anyone is familiar with this, but if someone found a server provider able to grant access to EWA (Empyrion Web Access) mod created by Astic, please let me know, thanks in adv for any help or replies!


this is the only list of hosters we are in contact with/know of that host the full version: Announcements | Empyrion – Galactic Survival - Community Forums

But I think they are mostly Europe based.

With the lite Version you will loose a lot and cannot check see any structures. Also its not so current live data.

Cannot give you any suggestions though wich host to use etc…

I use GTX.
With GTX, I can not run EAH directly on their server. I have to run it from my own PC. Going this route, I can only run it in Slave mode not Master. In running in Slave mode, there are some features not available. Ex- Restore playfields etc.
I hope this will help you in your quest.


sorry to hear that, but yeah not all features are available and might not be in the future since the Devs declared EAH “Feature Complete”.