EAH Lite Missing information

My best to explain my current problems with EAH lite I am having and hoping for some help.

Server Information
Hoster: Gportal
slot: 20
Active players: 10
Scenario: Reforged Eden

Installed EAH Lite. No connection problems after forcing Antivrus to exclude EAH processes from Deletion/Block

Issues (Pictures will be posted below)
-Faction not showing
-All items listed as unkown
-Items showing as unknown when checked
-Cheater detection on all players is high.
Let me state I already stopped the server and used “Check Database” with no resolution.


Any help would be greatly appreciated



oh… yeah I knew that issue would come up one day…

About factions: What game version do you play on? The current public or the exp?

About items: Yes this is an issue. I had no time to work on that yet. For now all you could do is: Download the Content folder from Empyrion Dedicated Server (or at least the REforged Szenario folder) to your local Dedicated Server. Then start a clean RE game on a local server with EAH Full (might be also working with lite) set to it.
Start the local server and wait for eah to fill the items. Then check the items. They should be good now.
Now copy the EAH_Item.dat file from the EAH\Config folder to your EAH lite Config folder and then start EAH lite again. Your items should be ok again.

Sadly a lot changed with the items in the last patch and I have to think how to do it with EAH lite. I will check that the next days

Sorry for the issues. If this approach does not work, please let me know

- For faction inquiry.
Currently on Public with Reforged Eden.
-For items
Attempting your work around now. Will keep you posted.

Also thank you for the quick response :smiley:

Thanks. I see the faction files seems to have changed in the last updates.
I have to fix that.
Thank you for the info.


thanks again for your report.

I updated EAH and gave a workaround for the items. Sadly there is no other way around.