EAH lite to many connections from same ip

cannot get player info because of this error. seems to be with one account.


I would need more information about what you are doing or what you have set up.

In general make sure that you don’t use the same port for multiple mods/programs.

Im running a 40ppl server from bluefang. I have eah lite setup and when i connect i get 1 error and 1 warning. Error only involves the player details of one person saying could not download his player file because of too many connections from the same ip. I get everyones elses info. The warning says the player header files are different and eah lite might need to be updated yet i have the latest ver.


the warning about the file change you can ignore. ITs more a hint for me. Have to update it soon.
About the connection: Ah yes then I understand.

Do you have any FTP connection open to the server… so any FTP tool?
If so, please close it. Maybe your server does not allow multiple connections.
And if your server just keeps them open, maybe a complete server restart would help.

Did it ever work before?
Maybe you need to play a bit with the EAH FTP settings then.

I have zilla and will check if its open. I had used it to upload the project eden mod. I had been able to check the one person thats associated with the error inventory but as of last nite i cannot see his inventory. Any plans to expand the lite version. Bluefang only supports eah lite and not the full :frowning: would be nice to see more about the playfields. Really want to open a war zone by making the hard planets pvp

Sadly the lite Version will not be enhanced anymore. Many things are just impossible since it has no ability to access the game-server without having the proper file and mod access.
Best would be to ask the hoster to implement EAH and get in contact with us. Then you could use the Full version.

I just uploaded the latest Lite version to remove that warning. Could be that the lite does stop to read the inventory if that warning comes. Let me know player if it works again.