EAH nitrado

Bonjour a vous

je tenais déjà a m’excuser de ne pas parler anglais .

Mon problème concerne le logiciel EAH avec mon serveur nitrado
j’aimerai s’avoir si le full fonctionne avec nitrado ou faut utiliser le lite cela fait 1 semaine que je cherche un moyen de le faire fonction en cherchent des solution sur le net mais rien y fait

j’ai ce message d’erreur a chaque fois
Telnet Send Command: Please connect first to telnet!

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Je parlais Francais, mais Je ne peux pas vous aider avec ca.

J’ecris l’anglais

His message in english

Him apologizing for not speaking english

His problem concerns the Nitrado software with his nitrado server.
He would like to use the full version of Nitrado, or the light version.
He has been looking for solutions on the internet for a week, but he has not found any solutions.
He gets this error message every time he tries EAH.
“Telnet Send Command: Please connect first to telnet!”

He needs to connect the software via telnet connection to the server so the software can communicate with the server.

Lord_of_the_ping dit que vous “devez connecter le logiciel via le connexion telnet au serveur afin que le logiciel puisse communiquer avec le serveur.”

Est-ce que je t’ai aidé?

This kind of post here is one of the reasons I’ve stuck around HWS for so long. We are an international community that for the most part gets along and helps each other out despite language and cultural differences and other things going on in the world today.

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Justement comment peut ton faire pour ce connecter au via le telnet ?

La seul solution que j’ai trouver me parle du logiciel telnet de mon ordinateur

Vendeuze asks

"How do I use this to connect to Telnet?

The only answer I can find is speaking to Telnet software on my computer. "

(That second line was rudimentary French so I don’t think I mistranslated, but it didn’t make sense to me in English.)

voici le sujet en question qui me parle du telnet par nitrado
et je ne comprend pas pourquoi je dois avec telnet sur mon ordinateur

We do have problems every now and then, but I feel the same way. I love it when I can fight a group, just say good fight, and leave. It makes the game so much more enjoyable than when everyone gets mad and screams at each other in chat. I do feel like forums are an internationally respected location for debate and as such they tend to have much more formal conversations. I think that helps everyone get in the mood to discuss and debate instead of troll and annoy. HWS does come together as a great community, although there is a bad apple in just about every community, they usually get weeded out pretty quickly on HWS, whether it is through (I had included a 4 paragraph explanation of proof annoying people left quickly bu I felt it was unnecessary. ) You get the point without needing to see that. Ha! Sadly we all do.

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Quelqu’un serai t’il m’aider ?

je commence a désespéré avec mon serveur et nitrado ne m’aide pas trop si je n’arrive pas a trouvé une solution je pense arrêter ma location et laisser tombé empyrion

Mon seul ressenti de nitrado pour le moment est de dé conseil a qui compte de loué un serveur chez eux

J’espère qu’il y a une personne qui serai venir a mon secours


Je ne peux pas aider, je ne sais pas, je suis desole. Cependant, je parle français et l’anglais et je continuerai a traduire.

Vendeuze says

"Will someone help me?

I desperately started my own server and I cannot figure out Nitrado, I do not want to quit the rental of my Empyrion Server but I will have to if no one will help me.

My feelings of Nitrado for the moment is to get counsel from those people who have rented a server from their home.

I hope someone will come to my rescue"

I am sorry guys, I don’t know how to help him. I will translate whatever you guys say back to him if it helps.