EAH Not Reconnecting After Restarting EAH

Hello. The GTX server host has installed EAH on both of my servers for me. I can connect to the server and interact with it. If I have to close it for any reason, when I start EAH again it will not connect to the server. What i have to do is delete the folder that contains the EAH program and extract a new one from the download. I start it, enter in the details and it connects.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The power button on the EAH tool is green and the icon on the power button is green. It’s not showing chat, and none of the players that are online now are showing up as online.


you mean EAH on the server (master), or the slave that runs on your local computer?

You might want to ask GTX for help.

PS: If it really only works when you reinstall eah, spare yourself the reinstall and and just delete the Config\Settings.xml instead (everything else should have no influence on that anyhow).

Also: If it does not work after you restart EAH, then you must have set some port/IP wrong in eah which will be only used after EAH is restarted.

The GTX tech told me that they did all of the installing on their end. Then he told me "HEy Salvadore,

Are you able to connect now ? Sometimes you need to delete helper from your computer and redownload a new copy to work."

I asked about the Setup and Master/Slave tab and what should go in there. they said "Ignore all of that, that’s if you want to setup the helper on a server, that’s the steps we do from our side to add it to your server, on your side for connecting to it, you just need:

Open the Admin Helper on your computer, select the first option, check my screenshot, and then fill up with your server admin helper details, you can find that details on Admin Helper Details button."

I’m at a loss.

I deleted the settings file like you said, then re entered in the details. It connected. Then i got this warning.

“7/19/2019 4:14:05 PM Master: SyncServerHandler: Client Version ( differs from Server Version ( This could cause a problem!”

Does this mean that the version they have installed on their end isn’t the latest version?


oh yeah that is usually a big problem. But in this case the version does not contain major changes. So it should be ok.

About what they wrote:

Thats not “really” true. Since you have to set the same thing that they set (just as slave). But this is done usually on the first start like they said. After that just don’t change the master/Slave settings anymore.

Could that be an issue? that you just reset those settings? What if you start the tool the first time (when it connects) and without changing any settings, restart it? Does it then work?

It’s not completely working. I can’t see any new chat text, I can’t edit people’s inventories. The power button icon is green and it has a green background.

hm but then it looks like something is wrong on the master side toward the game.

Could you provide me the EAH logs from the server and the client?
Its in the EAH folder under logs

Sent them to you in a message.

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