EAH- reforged eden object - cheater detected - no icons

i have a problem with our server running the last version of reforged eden and the last version of EAH ( at this time)
When player found a weapon or anything with object ID higher than 5400 ,

there is no icon in eah for this objects, and EAH flag this users as potential cheater with warning on this objects

like this AssaultRifleT3 and all the weapons specific to reforged Eden

is there something i need to do to prevent that besides uncheck the ‘cheater destection’ in eah ? or it’s a bug ?


are these the same items as shown ingame? So if you put those into your inventory, do they show right?
Are you using full or lite version.

Those items seem to be additional items from the scenario. If the scenario changed during the lifetime of your current game those issues are normal. They will be fixed with the next update. See patch notes from today.

Not sure though why you see them in the list and they re flagged as cheater. Could you show a screenshot of that item when they player is flagged due to his inventory. Maybe the Max value or Max Ammo are not correct.