Earn 50mill credits and help Police

Hello fellow empyrions!

Sadly, this season we will not have a “chase the police” event, do to lack of bank credits (rexx dont pay us to much) =D

But dont cry…
I have a small competition going on my self!
I need a new Police CV ship!!! And you can design it!

Before the rules, take a short look at a fellow tread:

Now… I do have some demands!


needs to be overpowered (fly good in all gravitys)
Must be cool looking (to me)
Must be practical, more practical than i have now
Open core… This ship will be admin, so dont think protection, but looks!
Need some guns
Practical for me to help players!
want size to be 5 to 6… 7 works.

I made a short ugly vid below on what i need!


Send me a PM at forum here, NOT discord with a bp of your ship! (pictures if you dont know how to send files)

I am the one picking the cv, based on my demands and mind!

You can NOT post the same ship in steam during the next 2 seasons

I am free to make my changes i need to make!

Hope all that is fine, and hope some of you will join in =)

About me:
For those who dont know my name yet, i am HWS Police at the HWS EU server, working with @gareth. I am from Norway, 35 years old, and most of the time a nice guy :wink:

About the video:

I just bought a splend new laptop, so did not have the chanse to install, register and all that stuff for adobe, so i spent 40 min making this vid just for this case! I am SO SRY ABOUT THE SOUND… But free is not always good!
it was what i could cook in a short time! (i never publish my own vids, but help others to do so)
also, not time to install my mic/speaker system, so all is chaep headset!

Winner will be given 15 million credits at start of next season, or before if wanted!

Hope you all enjoy a small competition at the end of a fun season :slight_smile:

Best regards



How much do you need for that event? I can donate 10mil.

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Made a new comp!

But thank you buddy =)

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we need more! much more! right now the police are in dept… Why i am making this small one for my self =)

How much is much more O.o

50 more!

LEts make this the police quest this time!
If all goes to plan, we will have an rwealie chase next season :wink:

While I do agree Star Wars has better looking ships for the most part, but don’t forget about the Dominion. The Jem’Hadar have some pretty sleek looking (and very intimidating) designs…Victory is life!

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Looks like people did not read everything, so will allow pm at discord as well, since some feels it is easier :+1:

Those who sendt there earlier, do not need to resend.

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NEW PRICE is 50 mill thanks to the donation from @Spaw_Morpheus

So hurry!

With this new price, i will, if @RexXxuS allow it, ad another week to the competition!
Means i want my CV before the 22.09.2019

Thanks to everyone who submitted their blueprint in time & took part in the competition!
Sadly none of the blueprints fills all the requirements & therefore there will be no single winner.
Instead, I will contact the the authors of best 5 attempts and reward them with 10 million credits each.

One BP was just amazing, but it will take me to much time to make it a police cv…
If i deside to use tht in the future, the creator will be contacted!


if the designer doesn’t mind i would like to take a look at it to see what i can do. not for prizes, i just really like reworking builds :slight_smile:

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