EB didn't transfer thru wipe

I am a non-donor (for the time being) and had approximately 116k credits before 6.0 wipe.

Upon login today I had 0 in my EB.

Pretty sure it should have transferred as it was under the 250k limit.

My AM and OCD seem to have transferred fine.

This is obviously a much lower priority than many of the other issues day one. Not sure if I am an isolated case or if this is a bigger issue.

Thanks for the great work so far!

Thanks for the report Sny!

Did you have Debt?

But I will check it as soon as the rest runs more smoothly… patch day :expressionless:


I checked your account in 5.5. You had 1993 Bank coins an 1 Credit. That money was given to you.
Did you play before the wipe? Did you have maybe still ships that were Taxed?

The night before the wipe I transferred 72k roughly into EB while in the EB with an ending balance of ~115k and no debt.

I have 3 faction-mates who also transferred 72k into the EB at the same time (we arrived in the same CV). They also did not get any of their credits transferred over today.

I’m not concerned about the credits, another faction-mate sent me enough to cover it, but I don’t mind helping resolve the issue which is obviously more than just my account.

Anything else I can provide to help narrow it down?

Thank you. I’ll check the logs of the days before later today.

I just realized that I didn’t mention this is on HWS EU.

I probably have something on NA but it’s very inactive.

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