Hello, i want ask if possible to implement this function to convert gold ingots straight into credits.
Is gonna be a pain to convert a lot of ingots into credits to buy new bank levels.
I posted here because i dont want to go offtopic in the main discussion.

I can turn them to cr up to 36 mil. Just give me the ingots and ill gibe you 250cr per ingot.

Hmm… yeah, convenient for sure… always tricky how much we should change the game towards convenience.

But combined with the new EB levels and some tasty fee, it sounds good to me. Will poke @Jascha :cat:

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Possible for sure.
How much fee for each conversion is it worth?

I’d go with 10% if not in bank and 5% if in bank zone. Not sure what coins are atm, but coins 5% not in bank and free if in bank zone seems reasonable.

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maybe could be reduced increasing bank levels


Good call Paxxo! I like this idea also! :smiley: I wish it was a feature when i had to convert gold ingots to OCD 7. Would have saved me LOTS of clicking :wink:

We would go for now from
EB lvl 1 — 20% not in zone — 10% in zone
EB lvl 10 — 10% not in zone — 1% in zone


Done. Will be there in A9.0 :slight_smile:
Thanks for the idea!


A very good idea indeed