EB Issue

Lets start with yesterday. Keep in mind, on the website it has stated that I had no taxes every time I checked including yesterday. I went to elemental marketplace. I typed in the command eb:payin:all in which was a little over 250K. Still showed zero balance on the site and no taxes on the site either. I typed in eb:info and it showed I had a debt of 48k even though it still shows no taxes due on the hws connect. ok, maybe i missed something so i didnt say anything. I finished coining my ore today and decided to type in the command eb:cointocr . It took all 4 and a half stacks of coin out my inventory (not sure what amount that equals to) , but when i type eb:info I get the same thing, debt of 48k. can you help please. that was a lot of monies. now i have zero monies and apparently still a debt even though the site says i have no debt. thanks.

ok, so now after I wrote this post, it shows i have some monies. Did I really owe over 250k in debt? if so, how did that happen and why didnt it show on the site? I never camped at any of the taxable places. I wander if it taxed me when I was crashing to desktop on homeworld from mining with an hv. you know, while that bug was going strong a few days ago. can we check into this?

Hey Burnt,

yeah you stayed in Elemental Marketplace which caused you taxes.

Hey, thanks RexXxuS. Does that tax happen from just being there at a said time? I never log out there and leave my ship there. Just curious so I dont make the same mistake twice.

If you have anything there on 9am (german time) it is being taxed

gotcha. was unsure about that. thanks again for your help. wont make that noob mistake again.