EB on GoldenGlobe LIE!

While surveying Golden Globe I came across the Elemental Bank, went inside, said it had moved please visit us using this portal. Like an idiot I went into the portal and was transported to a deserted Akua type planet, no building , critters or nothing. Looked at my map said I was on a EB stealing mission…whatever the hell that was. Got and end to instance warning was transported back to GoldenGlobe minus my inventory and at first also my fighter , but green barrier bug had put it on the otherside of planet. Finally got out of there with my fighter but was robbed of

1 T2 assault rifle
1 T2 pistol
40 fusion fuel cells
140 guided sv HSMissles
night vision
t2 drill
t2 multitool
and about 6 charges each
and 2 rations

Would appreciate it if I can get that back

If that is a HWS sanctioned trick…well not funny !!!

Are you sure it didn’t say ‘EB HEIST’ as that’s a mission.

Anyways best of luck, i hope thinks work out for you dude.
Best regards

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Portals. Pay someone to test it first :smile:
You never know if it’s going to be a one way trip

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I am VERY sorry, that you discovered that bug.
For alpha 7 I adjusted some of the blueprint names and that one didn’t got recognized by the yaml file :frowning:

It is fixed now and your items are restored in your inventory!
Sorry for the inconveniences.

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Thank you Rexxus

Rex’s “Repair and Restore” service , fixed within 24 hours again !!


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