ECC Space - CV Changed ownership while offline

**What happened:**Used Cross-server warp to go from NA to EU. Warped to ECC Space. Logged out for the night. Logged back in the next day, and my CV has changed ownership, to what, I don’t know, because it was not taken by HWS. I am now trapped in my own Capital Ship in ECC Space. I do not know why the ship was taken, I have had it for some time and it does not violate any rules.
Player(s) with issue: Ironclad
Server: HWS EU
Time (cb:time): Wednesday, December 27 02:11
Playfield: ECC Space
Structure Name(s): IRON-Deadnaught
Structure ID(s): Unknown, unfortunately cannot look it up as the ship does not belong to me.
How can we help you now: Change ownership of the ship back to myself.

To prove that this is my ship, it contains 2 SVs, both of which I own:
Ironclad_Kukri ID: 4979951
Flux-Fighter-04 ID: 4979950

Coordinates are: -1145, -680, -8046

Tried to have faction members log in on EU to fix it, did not work.

Good Morning @Ironclad

thanks for coming back to me, that was the intention.
Your CV is bending our rules in terms of turrets clipping though blocks. One player reported it to me and I checked it/ made some test shots with the artilleries for example.
They can shoot 1-3 blocks through but weapons can’t hit the turret itself. See here (bottom:

HWS Rules - 2. Fairplay

I’ve set it to you again and check later if you rebuild it.


Thanks for responding. That was not my intention when building, I will fix it when I am able to log in, which won’t be until later, I’m west coast NA and work during the day.

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