ECC Tax for a faction members ship!

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What happened:
=> I got taxed for a faction members CV last night. Did not know that was a thing and will have them all set to private today. I was taxed 3,353,500. and my bank is 2mil and change in debt. I would really appreciate anything you can do regarding this matter as I wasn’t even awake when this happened. I just returned like a week ago and that is like half my credits, I am trying to see how I can avoid being charged for faction ships until then they are all going on private. I was just taxed like a million the day before for stopping by ECC for 15mins. Mixed my time up with server time. I felt like submitting a ticket, but decided not to since it was my fault. This however I had nothing to do with other than being the Faction owner, and not knowing that I can be charged for people’s ships being marked as a faction ship.

Player(s) with issue:
=> Unforgiven (owner of the dead rabbits) Seaweedjesus (the man responsible) =/

=> NA Server

Time (cb:time):
=> 910 server time

=> ECC

Structure Name(s):
=> Five Points

Structure ID(s):
=> 21510065

How can we help you now:
=> Reimbursement I hope. Seaweedjesus is new to server and I’ve only been back a week with a bunch of that time spent trying to get my ships current.

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Welcome back @Unforgiven
As I said here:

I refunded the tax for now.

Why thank you Rexxus; last time I was on this server was beginning of 2017. A lot has changed and the server is looking really good. Thank you for the reimburstment and hopefully me and my faction can avoid any further tax incursions. ( God I hope =p ) In all seriousness though thank you for being understanding as they were not parked there all night, just a short trip to bank and trade made at the wrong time.

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