Economy in HWS now possible

With the great support of Jascha and his Tool we have now a economy system in HWS (and only HWS).
As long as Empyrion does not support it by itself you have EC (Elemental Coins) which you can use to trade… buy stuff… sell stuff and much more in future.

So you start with 0 EC and need to care about your own ecosystem. You get your first EC for example with selling not needed ingots in your inventory with:
cb:ec:iron -100
(chatbot):(elemental coins):iron(ingots) -(sell)100(amount)
After that you get kicked so the process can happen.
You can directly login again and see 100 iron ingots less in your inventory (as far as you had them) and see your EC rising.

The price rate is depending on the ingots. Rare ones are more expensive to buy and give more EC when selling.

In the future you can do real trades with others, pay the EB (Elemental Bank) a high amount to free a jailed person and so on…

Combined with the story it will be a complete game of it’s own:

I hope you like it and see you on HWS :slight_smile:

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