EGS bunkers with a twist

*what do we think of EGS bunker come back in A10 but have them so thay have an OP amount of gun and not have a admin core in it. so it would be bigger size class that the plaint alows and it would cost like 30m for it and it has like 10 artys 20 plasma and 20 rockits and it would be over class size too so it would be like class 5 on a class 3 planit.
so if it was on GG it would be class 5 instead of 3 . so it would be a combat base and it would not be indestructible so it would be possible to take down but it would be harder than a normal base. and this base would have room for storage for sv and hv and it would have furnes and cargo and constructors . this way it ther is more fun to haveing a bunker because if you think about it a bunker can be destroyed it just hard reall hard .

100 turrets wouldn’t help.
If I remember correctly the game is hardcoded to only allow a max of 21 weapons to function at a time. You can have more than 21 but they will remain inactive and not do anything.

I don’t think this has been changed at all.


but you could have a deally on turbits some how

I don’t like bunkers. They make mining too easy. Bases are much better since they can actually be defeated, And a bunker without admin core is useless, like Twitchyj said, only 21 turrets can shoot at a time.

OK your got good points all