EGS Flying City Mission



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What happened:

Trying to complete the EGS Flying City Mission. Had to log in the middle of it. Came back, entered my four digit code at the Orange Shutter Door, it opened, looted, but the quest line didn’t advance.

Player(s) with issue:




Time (cb:time):

5:45pm CST



Structure Name(s):

EGS Flying City

Structure ID(s):

Not sure I can get the entid

How can we help you now:

How do I advance the quest line. I tried to abandon it and go back, didn’t fix it.


The Orange shutter door is just one part of the Mission :slight_smile:

The Green Door is part 2.
And these lever are very good hidden…


Understood. My issue is I unlocked the Orange door but did not receive mission credit for doing so. This I cannot progress in the mission. I appear to be bugged.



With mission credit you mean the green checkbox as “marked”?
This is maybe a bug or a mis-sequence.
If there were some lever down there which were already active or you just grabbed the numbers, it does not work.
You have to manually switch every single lever by yourself on and off to trigger it for you.


I switched every single trigger myself some of them multiple times because I did not realize that it was putting the numbers in the PDA log. I think it is a bug. After I had flipped all the switches I had to log off the server for a few hours of work. Then when I came back to complete and enter the code it opened and I collected my things. But no green checkmark in the box. Let me know how I can help resolve. Really enjoying what you have built here.


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