[EGS Recycle] returning unusable blocks

Instead of returning generic components (like deco device) egs recycle returns specific things (such as showers). devices that have a right click list of items to choose from suffer form this issue and it causes all sorts of oddities.

Usually it is not a problem because they can be put into factory resources, but in some cases (such as SV thrusters) it gives unusable thruster blocks. We’ve thrown away countless stacks of SV thrusters due to this bug.

I know there are some problems with the return of some items.

It would be great if you have a long list of items which are wrong.

For example:
Item Name recycled xxx but expected yyy.

the medium ones seems to be all bugged. Also ocd stores things like railings

so many are bugged that it’s hard to describe.

I would suggest that it’s worth dogfood testing because it shouldn’t be too hard to spawn one of every grid (SV/BA/CV/HV) with every device and get see what comes out of recycling. the tricky part is having a critical eye though. sometimes it even looks like it’s working fine. like with type 3 cargo boxes, because the icon looks the same, but then they dont stack.

blocks don’t seem to have the issue, so right click menus for armor don’t give different armors to ocd/etc.

in my ocd I have these railing items that should only be one item:
2 COPY RailingSlope 1
33 COPY RailingVert 1
31 COPY Walkway Blocks 30

bugged items

  • spotlights
  • cargo boxes
  • sv/hv mobile constructors
  • Thrusters (hv thruster slant m…)
  • Railings
  • most decorations (deco device)

Thank you for the information.
The problem is, as you describe there are so many items, that we had no chance to figure them all out and map them to their Main item.

If you want, here is a list I compiled for now. It shows which Item should be changed into which Main Item (ID).

So for example Items 1150-1166 (Wing… different shapes) should all be converted to 1135 (Wing blocks).

Everyone is allowed to make a comment (not edit though).

So feel free to add comments in that list about a suggested Main Item (ID) it should be converted to when recycling. We will then implement it in our tool.

Perfect! I’ll work on adding comments and drivign feedback from ACP and DIV (once goshen gets recycle 5)


You can always simplify it by returning only blocks but more percentage

eh it already works pretty well as is. it just needs some end user feedback to fine tune

it makes me wonder if there’s a way to datamine this information from the game files or request the details from Eleon.

It should be roughly equivalent to multi tool/turreting a faction structure, excepting specific features of the tool like Alien core… alien turrets?

Yeah I know that problem. When you need that Items you could use them on a CV or Base and use your multitool. Then you get the right Multi-Item back. But this way sucks for much items :smiley:

most of the time.

there are some blocks that cannot be placed on anything, although maybe that was resolved with 7.5?

but when you need to do this with 1000+ blocks… you just throw them out. time investment isn’t worth it.

I’ll take the time to increase the quality on the tool’s end.

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Yeah thats the point. for building block you must report it so jascha

lol whup yes you did say that

sounds like tonight is going to be a pvpv night when I get home from work though

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Recycling 976 - Shutter Window Blocks S returns 545 - Shutter Window Blocks L
Discorvered by @Sayak

made some comments on item id’s, made some comments along the top empty columns. there are items that are missing from this list that are impacted by this bug, for example: cargo boxes.

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I am still interested in helping with this. is there anything to be done about the items that are missing from the list?

I’m still on it.
Do you know the ID’s of those cargo boxes?
Or if you have them ingame, can you let me know. Then I add them.
The Item list should be close to completion. We add every few weeks more (but devs said there might still be a few Number-Blocks that they forgot)

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