EGS Recycle, Wrong Items Returned

Should we report when we recycle things and it gives back the wrong block type? IE, medium thruster on HV doesn’t give back the medium thruster block, but rather the type of thruster that you had on the HV.

There are some others I’ve noticed as well, just wanted to know if I should be reporting when I get the wrong thing back or not.

Hey @Zafaron

if you search the forum about that topic you will find some posts about it.
And I am begging since ever that players please help us with it since it is too much work for us manually.
It’s quite simple:

  1. Do a recycle on your ship
  2. Remember and note down what you expect
  3. Note down what you got
    Then we can match it easy in our tool.
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I usually just put the items in my factory stuffer. The ones that won’t contribute to the factory I place down manually and multi tool them. I did that to over 600 HV thrusters one day lol. I have a lot of patience :wink:

When I can RexXxuS I’ll look up some of those posts you mentioned and I’ll also make some BPs with each device variation and see what they give back instead of the default device.

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