EGS:Stealth ate my hv

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened:
=> EGS:Stealth ate my hv

Player(s) with issue:
=> GibblesNBits

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 10ish am I think server time is when I stealthed it

=> Nova

Structure Name(s):
=> GoldiGlocks

Structure ID(s):
=> 16188195 or 16389255 not sure why it’s listed twice in structure manager

How can we help you now:
=> It’s a heavily modified garage ship so I’d really like it back. If you just respawn it where I stealthed it tho, it will get destroyed because it was like 10 feet from GG next to my satellite.

If you go into HWS Connect you should be able to unstealth in.
Just go here:

I know I should be able to, but it’s not there :confused:

hey and good evening
how can i explain this…
when you stealth a ship the id changes…
part of the hws server config…
eg :
egs:stealth:123 << ship 123 is stealthed
egs:stealth:off <<< 123 no longer exists but a new id is implemented

Ok, that explains why there’s 2 in the structure commander, but the hv is still gone. The 2 that are stealthed correctly are my CV and sv

just try egs:stealth:off…
may have to redock everything

Ok, will try that when I get off work in a few hours, thx

egs:stealth:off brought back the cv and the sv. Not the hv. It is gone.



@Someoneelse :rofl:

Sorry for the trouble.
I restored it in EU CSW. If you have to pay tax, let me know.
it was a game issue :frowning:

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Ok thank you, I’ll be on to get it in a little bit. I’m not worried about tax, we got lots of money, I just didn’t want to have to rebuild it all again :smiley:

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