Ejected from my CV Lost my Epic Projectile Pistol

Hi Im parked deep in Trader Origen Space, when I logged in today I was expelled from my Cv, froze to death before I could get back in. Lost my cherished Epic Projectile Pistol.Also there was some small internal damage done to the Cv but according to the log I was not attacked by anyone. I would appreciate it if I could get back my Epic Pistol , thanks

Being in deep space seem to slowly kill ships because as far as I can tell Eleon hates people who want to live in space because they are disgusting landlubbers.


Caligula I am gonna go out on a limb and guess that you had an SV or HV docked to your cv?
See here:

It appears the deep space parkinsons has evolved. Undock your deep space sv’s before logging off.

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Thanks for the information

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