Elemental Bank Debt and HWS debt conflict

I am on the HWS NA Server by the name of Cardinal, I have ran into a tax issue again. I have noticed that HWS and the Elemental Bank never have the same debt number according to my experiences. This time, I was taxed at Homeworld because I stood there for a day, that is not the issue however. HWS Connect tells me I have to pay 59349.2 Credits and the ingame debt from the Elemental Bank was roughly 159,000 Credits. I wanted to see if paying the HWS amount would remove the debt. But that was not the case. I payed 59400 Credits ingame to the Elemental Bank, after I typed eb:info and recieved a debt amount of roughly 100,000 Credits, I logged out of Empyrion and logged into HWS Connect shortly after. I was still told I was in debt by 59349.2 Credits.

Link to image of HWS Connect Tax List.

I am able to pay the in-game debt amount without any problem. I am just wondering why this is happening.

The web service needs some time to update. About 15 minutes.
And remember you have to be in the Elemental bank building to not pay 5% transaction fee

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I forgot about the transaction fee, thank you.