Elemental Bank Debt Won't Pay!

Good day!

I have debt of ~290,000 cr in my Elemental Bank.
I deposited ~350,000 cr into my Elemental Bank in hopes of paying this off.
But it won’t!
The debt is still lingering there.
I don’t see any commands to pay debt.

Its been roughly 5 days since the funds where deposited.

I would like to get this debt paid off before the server reset.
Please help!

check first where is money

  • in pocket
  • or in bank account

to move all money to bank account, go to EGS HQ poi, visit Elemental Bank, and type eb:payin:all:
after check bank balance eb:info

Thank you for the reply.
I did EB:Info, it showed 0 in bank, ~290,000 in debt.
So I did EB:Payin: 350,000.
Check bank again EB:Info, it showed 350,000 balance, ~290,000 debt.
I have 650,000 in my character inventory.

I checked again each day, now about 5 days later, and it still says the same, its even paying me my interest, but won’t pay my debt.

Thanks for the info. Will fix that with the next Update.

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