Elemental Bank Stealing my Moneyz

Today I logged in after being off for a while. Cleaned out my AM and weekly supply, and ended up with 479,259 credits in the inventory. I had ~375,000 in the bank already. Flew to marketplace, hit up the bank and deposited 465,000 credits. Checked on the website and it showed me having the 14k in inventory, and 800k+ in the bank. After messing around in creative for a couple hours I checked again, and the credits that were deposited are now gone. I have 14,259 in inventory, and 381,208 in the bank.

Did the bank get robbed?

Are you sure you didn’t get taxed?

I have no taxable structures, nothing on any planet. I live in orbit currently.

So am I going to get any assistance on this admins? Haven’t heard anything yet.

Yeah, real life, sorry.

Can’t reproduce your issue since there are a lot of cases where you could lose credits.

  1. if you die
  2. 5% tax if you don’t payout / payin your cerdits in the EB
  3. taxes

One of a big feature request is a kind of “Pay History”. With that you and we can better check what happened.

For now the only possible reason could be someone triggered your ingame Wanted offer or you did commands during a restart / telnet flood / server crash.

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