Elemental Blackmarket Event!

Hey guys,

so I introduce here the new features a bit more in detail!

Elemental Blackmarket
From the announcement:

The location is about 0 0 0 and do not destroy the barebone there! Every day I see a ship listed there in HWS Connect the owner get the credits into his Bank as mentioned above.

Have fun! :slight_smile:

Is that 24 days or 24 hours?

xD hours!

Rexx i was preparing for the event but when i’ve read the price… it does not worthe the effort…
You risk a Ship worth maybe 100.000 Iron (a 10k combat steel ship cost so) for what? 10k CR … I think you have to increase the price or add some Paks or some benefits, because you have to spend all 24h to defend the ship and it is not worth for 10k(i can do it in 5 mins on Gold Federation or 10 h of Autominer).
My idea