Elemental Galactic Services online

Hey @everyone,

sleepy but promised: EGS (Elemental Galactic Services) is online!
In the Elemental Marketplace on the right side of the Marketplace you find the Headquarter of EGS!
Only there you can buy RP now!

The commands are added at cmd.hws.global and the formula is once again:
Price = Amount * (RPPrice + (Player Bank + Player Credits) * 0.1) (10% of your overall credits * region specific multipliers)

Amount in the Elemental Marketplace is 70000 credits for the start.

Enjoy and feedback is always appreciated.

Your HWS Team


The guide mentions there may be hidden areas that have better rates. Are those implemented at this point?

The beer.… I mean the fuel ran out… supply is coming so they will be setup this weekend around the universe… coordinates can only be found by snippets here and there…

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he loves us!

Slight correction if you wouldn’t mind validating for us; i think you swapped AMT and RPPrice (you noted AMT was 70k, tho either works in the equation):

Amount = X (where X is what you wish to buy)
RPPrice = 70,000 - THIS may change.
Player Bank = 500,000 (hypothetical number)
Player Credits = 200,000 (hypothetical number)
Regional Multiplier = 0.1 (10% for Elemental Marketplace, may be higher/lower for other areas)

So in this example, where X = 1 RP Point (i want to buy only one RP)

1RP * (70,000 + (500,000 + 200,000) * 0.1) = 140,000 per 1 RP.

Does that look accurate in a real life example in today’s pricing on EM?

Thanks and you guys rock!

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Idk, but wtf? I need get out ALL my money from bank, just for getting minimal price, that gonna be near 77.8k cr… All I need - 78k on Bank/player. And repeat until death :"D

P.S.: n1 Idea. but price, little bit high.

Thanks Rexxus! you guys are the best!

Yea i agree with Alex people will just transfer all their money to their friend how ever many millions
then get their friend to send 79k + abit to cover tax and buy send more buy send more buy repeat till infinity, but otherwise its a cool idea to be able to buy rp.

I think this isnt game breaking though… but lets explore:

If someone does the above and spends millions, but transfer it all to a friend, and then constantly transfers money to himself, goes to EB to avoid the 5% tax, OR just pays the 5% tax, and buys one RP at a time, then repeating the process having his friend transfer another 79k, rinse. repeat. After 7.9 M credits, and a some cramped fingers, you have 100 RP and you’re gonna need to find a new friend. You already get 7 RP every day; that means in 13 days you get 100 RP if you do nothing but warp and go back to PVE or deep space… i dont know if its all that worth the tax evasion. Granted, it’s cheaper than keeping 100M in your bank and spending it all for the same 100 RP; but i think thats still not a game breaker.

On the other hand, for a freelancer, or even the struggling newbie with some credits, they can now buy an RP and get FA:Supply, where before they could lose epic on day 1 and have to beg/borrow/steal a new one to get another RP.

I think its a good compromise, and it may need some price tweaking to reach the right balance, but i think its a good path. IMHO.

Yes the end result at 78k per rp is decent its balanced but when you have 70mil> you can get maybe 20rp from all that. the 10% of total just makes people use long annoying processes to get around it. linear > exponential

indeed. i think the idea there is its not really meant to be the tool for them rich folk. the expectation being if you’ve got 100M, you’ve got enough RP too, or at least will when the meta stabilizes. but is that hurting the balance is the question. total assumption on my part – but i think this it really best for early to mid game. getting FA supply, and maybe your first RPPVE world…? diminished returns thereafter, to your point.

eg. with 100M youd be paying 1.07M per RP.

to that end, you dont want to let Mr Moneybags Auto-level his newbie faction mate to come live on eden day 1, either.

Maybe if eden wasn’t so good then it wouldn’t be so bad a faction member power leveling his faction mate xD

I was aware that someone trick around the 10% with that method.
However either you spent time doing it or you accept that your 70 million is anyways not needed. Kind of a richness tax :wink:
And soon RP might become the 1 million per RP worth…


Rex, can we have a brief information about richest persons here ? Like top5, or by origins :slight_smile:

ahh you passed thranir and blackwing :smiley: ??

I’ll update it from time to time: