Elemental items are killing HWS NA Server

I have played on this server for a month and I still dont understand the elemental blocks. I believe they add an element of unpredictability that makes the trek into PVP not worth it. Info suggests that if you make a CV out of elemental blocks of for example Terra you are only effective against a pyro built ship. You have a 1 in 5 chance of being effective and not just being destroyed effortlessly. This seems like it was developed for elite players and large factions. It seems most of the elite players have moved to RE. There are alot of broken missions especially the first clone mission that introduces you to the origin gun. This server seems abandoned. There is never an admin on for more than a few minutes. The only reason you feel ok about going into PVP is because there are only 5 players on the server. It is a shame. A ton of work has gone into it. I notice RE doesnt seem to have elemental stuff. Players feel like they can stand a chance against attackers. Not just a coin toss or as it was refered to as rock, paper,scissors.

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That is wrong.

Not at all. Especially solo and new players can step into encounter that way.

I know, unfortunately. Will be fixed during this season step by step.

Even RE and Vanilla have a rock paper scissor system. Laser is effective against shields for example.
It’s just that I go a step further and implementing a new game within a game, which is very difficult and currently in work in progress. But I think it will work once we polished it.

Anyways, I see where you are coming from with this feedback, thanks and I agree that in the current state it’s not enjoyable that much.
I welcome you to try it out again once I’m ready with it.