Elemental Lottery

Do you want to be suddenly rich with nearly no effort?

Would you like to bathe in undeserved piles of credits and HWS DNA - taken from other players?

Here’s your chance!

Introducing the NEW and IMPROVED Elemental Lottery!

Twice a week, we will draw a random number between 1-9999 and if your number HITS, it’s all yours!

Rules to play

  1. Login to HWS Connect and go to Elemental Bank. You will find the Elemental Lottery there:

  2. Buy a ticket at shown prices:

General Information

  • Winner or no winner, results will be announced every Wednesday and Saturday at 6PM server time.

  • It cost the first time 1000 credits and 1 HWS DNA and increment per ticket. 2000 credits and 2 HWS DNA the second time, 3k credits and 3 HWS DNA the third time and so on

  • If more than one player wins the Jackpot, it’s split evenly along them

  • You may play multiple numbers (up to 21) to increase your chances of winning.

Warning: Gambling can be addictive. No warranties. Play at your own risk!

First rule of gambling: Do not play with money you can’t afford to lose.