Elemental Marketplace - place your offeres here!

Soon we are offering zones were you can sell your stuff. Claim your sell spot here now! :slight_smile:

Hiigara Ship Traders are asking for a trade spot :slight_smile: how much is the rent btw? is it free for Traders?

Thanks NafreiuX, this feature is coming shortly :slight_smile:
Yeah, for traders the shop is free.

Jiroh’s Sundries is requesting a space!

Hey guys,
who ever build the Trading Station on NA Server in Elemental Marketplace: GOOD JOB! :slight_smile:

We will keep it and start to place there the trading spots (like on the EU Server). Thanks!

i will need a zone soon i just got ICT Industrial Commodities up and running

That Trading Station at the Market Place is actually a Devco Space Base. I set it up there as a demo so that I could sell bases to other factions that might be interested in wanting to buy one. Only $500,000 for your very own base. :wink: Same with the ships that are there. Everything has it’s price in the name. I am cool if you want to use it as a Trading Post but I might need to setup a second one then as a demo for sale. I am not really sure how the trading slots are supposed to work, so I kinda made my own area to sell from. Let me know what I need to do to make things work how you would like.

Hey Devis,

ah really cool :slight_smile:
Sorry we hadn’t the time yet to implement the full trading system also on the NA server :confused:
We will asap implement that. Would be cool if you set some local shops inside your trading station to sell items there. Like in a supermarket you know?
Right now trading items from player to player is working perfectly - you can buy / sell everything you want.

Selling ships also work but buying ships (faction entity ) is not working over telnet right now :frowning: We hope devs will fix that. Then the ship trade feature is complete also.

Well I’m already selling at the Marketplace, though as you say can’t buy ships yet, but they are there for sale when you can. :slight_smile:

Galactic Traders will need a shop space and a Ship Sales space also. Thanks.

Though I have no idea what I’m doing as a trader, I would like a trader space as well. I am a solo faction called Mostly Harmless (MHT). So far I’ve been just selling my ingots to the Elemental Bank.

So, the Universal Space Traders would like to get a sweet spot to sell their stuff.

All ships which are for sale are in HWS Connect now

The CST (Core Squad Traders) would love some space… if you can make it nr 9 also (after the sweedish legend of Zlatan) we would even be more happy =) =)

Are trading spaces still available with the new marketplaces? I tried to figure out the marketplace this morning, could not even find the elemental bank honestly lol. But I have my faction set up now for large scale metal vending operations. If we could get an actual safe selling location that would be phenomenal.