Elemental Military Base Event!

Hey guys,

so I introduce here the new features a bit more in detail!

[size=150]Elemental Military Base[/size]
From the announcement:

On the planet you find near the 0 0 0 coordinates (type “di” in the console) a BA “BUILD HERE FOR EMB!”. Whoever manage to build there and hold his fortress every weekend ( sunday 7pm~) there coming hundreds of hundreds aliens and try to crush you. Every wave will be announced and every wave will be harder and closer to your base.

Also there is one endboss Alien called “RexXxuS”. He has 999999 health. He won’t kill you but try to walk slowly to your Core. He goes the normal paths so it is up to you to make a Tower Defense maze for him :slight_smile:
If you are manage to survive all 7 waves a bounty is dropping for you!

Have fun all! :slight_smile: