Elemental Space Race Mission

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What happened: Attempted mission 2 times. First time, the walking into the teleporter never triggered the “select an SV” portion of the mission, so I was unable to complete it. I tried to get it to trigger for the 7 minutes. The second time, I loaded in, and it triggered it correctly, but the ship ran out of fuel at marker 10, so I was dead in space. Drones destroyed me because I was not granted any ammo or fuel. Backpack lost and then the instance closed so it is unrecoverable.
Player(s) with issue: MobiuSRIT
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): second time, Jan 19, 20:50ish
Playfield: Cryo F1
Structure Name(s): [ADM] ESR Mission
Structure ID(s): .
How can we help you now: Give the ships more fuel, so they can complete the race. If you can grant my backpack, that would be cool. I can replace everything that was in it (as i did not keep my enhanced laser rifle in my bag for the race).

You know you should lay off the tide pod challenge :laughing:

Also, in the description of the race when you activate the mission it states that you don’t get a fully fueled ship and ammo, you have to bring some of both.

You are right that the mission description says there’s not enough fuel. On the third go, I completed the way points and was awarded the items except the Enhanced weapon. So, I did not receive what the mission description stated.

Also, Taco, what the hell is your fascination with tide pods?

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Every time I see your profile picture I think of the new Darwin Award winners doing the tide pod challenge.


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