Elite 2.2 - Christmas in October

Its out holly crap…its out! Hype, hype :smiley:

Wish you all best luck in Empyrion! Wish ALL admins a lot of patience. Wish Eleon another 254 ppl in dev team to have chance to create something magnificent!
Umm…ehh…wish Thran best luck in Osiris :smiley:
Hype, hype :smiley:

Commander Elfias

PS: Any other Elite players excited around?

I’m burned out on Elite till they add multicrew - but I think I have 400+ hours in it at this point.

I play Elite aswell Elfias :wink: so dont think your safe out there :stuck_out_tongue:

People just log out in Elite when you try to engage them. It’s one of the reasons I burned out. Nothing to do once you have your fleet.

i dont get it, you can build stuff in elite, its all premade shit

only cool thing is the warp sound :stuck_out_tongue:

I really like a lot of Elite - but it’s essentially a single player game - player interaction doesn’t really exist. The flight model is fantastic but weapon balance has been a mess since engineers and pvp is hard to find.

I guess its rights up to Elfias standards i guess, he prefer pve stuff :wink:

Its not always best to allow ppl to build what they want.
In Empyrion best thing is that you can build what you want.
Also in Empyrion the probably worse thing is that ppl can build what they want.

+1 for flight model i wish Eleon take some inspiration.
You should also show us what are you flying in Elite Thran, but dont bother ill save you time, Carebear MkIII :wink: