Elite Dangerous: Worth it?

Hey… So while we’re all discussing other games…

I’ve been debating of dabbling back into Elite:Dangerous again. It was a fun experience and all, and I did enjoy combat there, however I literally spent a month in the universe without any interaction with human souls. It was a bit of an empty experience for me, despite me getting my Cobra III, it just didn’t feel worth it. Now with the planetside stuff and the (hopefully cheap?) impending sale for it’s expansion in the US, would it be worth getting into again? Do you actually PvP? Do you actually find people? how? What do you do once you find them? These are all questions I want to know answers to before putting any money down.

Im also interested in this thread… as I too have a cobra 3 :stuck_out_tongue:

I gave up fairly quick in early access, too many broken things like needing the last hit to get the XP etc, their plans for season 2 looked interesting but I was put off by effectively needing to buy the game again :frowning:

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I got bored real fast. Combat was okay but I spent far too much time travelling (I mean FFS, you can warp between planets and systems but once in system you are limited? There was a base which took an HOUR to get to).

Similarly I felt like it was SP with more people around.

Tried it - not going back.

elite dangerous is an absolute rip of and that said no mans sky is so much worse. ill stick to g.s anyday this game rocks

Well im with Elite from first release back in last century, i played it for first on 8bit computer, so what kind of question is it “Worth it?”

Problem with Elite is that its still under development. Ppl take it as finished game, its not. Whole development is divided into seassons and ppl should be aware of that.
I think that this is one of few examples how development of game should be done btw. Stable and clear basic layout of galaxy, filled with content in each season.

Ppl are complaining about engenierrs now, that they have to grind…I dont know, i dont play it 24/7 anymore, but when i want to ride on planet surface after seamless landing without fear that ill drop through planet surface and collect and explore i do it in Elite.

Still need work of course but roadmap is clear and i know what can i expect. No crashes, no problems, and with engeniers update its hard enough so each battle is fight for survival even with A+ Pythoon. (Need to work on custom upgrades, im stock A+).

Yes there are only barren planets so far, of course as before implementing “life” M planets you need a technology for that, you need to develop system which will allow you to do that without lag, someone should take a lesson in Elite i think.

Anyway, if i want to get in space, in real space with fly mechanics, with thrusters which have thrust, if i want to feel like in space i do it in Elite. And i usually do it on solo, best thing is that you dont need to play with ppl if you dont want, besides that its unability to build huge stuff, i welcome that more than anything else.
I was playing with friends so we had wing of course, now its quite needed with all the custom stuff from Horizins engenieers.

Im just afraid that now when i wrote this i realy need to finish collecting materials and start upgrading to make python up to date.

Commander Elfias, Proud Member of Empire

P.S: Best is that ships have different speed, armor, weapons slots. Killing Conda in Eagle just because you are able to realy outmaneuvor it is how space fight should look like.
And about the money, well that wasnt done best way, but here in this game i understand what im paying for, its huge piece of technology developed by 260 ppl. I dont have a problem to pay same price as i give every other day for shoping food.

Never played Elite… I prefer this one:

My Phantom Intel Escort

or this one:

A Mobius Temporal Destroyer.

What game it is? :coffee:

Star Trek Online

Ahh i played that for a moment, but since i played Nevervinter which is I belived produced by same experts i cannot play STO even if i would want, bloody robbers with their P2W.

Elfias, how do you find other players to make the game meaningful though? Like, I love space and all, but I got really tired of flying solo forever and ever and it just got tiresome to try and influence a planets politics as one person taking the (occasional) combat job and then only stuck doing a stupid amount of couriers.

Does the Engineers pack offer anything meaningful to the rep system? Is there a way to find players to fly with? Is there some form of persistent social (guilds/fleet/etc…) contact outside of a friends list?

Its not to tell it shortly :slight_smile: When i was playing everyday i had a wing so it was a bit better, we spread Nut Empire league a bit around. When we come to Nut there was few ships and not much technology, after some work it get better and you can equip ship nicely. So yes thats one thing you can do, influence locat powers and with engeniers its better as you see boss faces, you see influence your action will have and missions are more acordingly to whats happening with current faction you are interested in. So this is welcome change step good way.

Engeniers itself…well its a bit grindy if you focus only on that. I mean if you are trying to collect stuff you need. I dont focus at it, i just play when im in mood and collect, in time ill have more than a lot then ill try to upgrade stuff more. Its a bit too random, you see some properties and some can go only to negative and some to positive and this is random, bad luck and you end with bad result. I dont know, im not taking it so seriosly us everyday players so i dont mind.

Planet landing is cool of course, well done, simulator style i like it.

And pvp, well only time i found some ppl was when i participated in Powerplay. To grind merits you need to go to some enemy sector and of course enemies do the same, so thats probably best way for pvp. I think many ppl play solo, also universe is soo huge…but there are some hardcore tryhards camping some rare trade goods locations, also some ppl are realy focusing on spreaading out local powers so you can always meet them at those places.

Also there are always 3 or more comunity goals now, shown in game so if you participate on this you will probably meet other players in location.

Well to be honest i play more in solo mode lately to chill out and relax. But generaly its going right direction i think. Problem is that ppl expected that all will be at once, i think that when all seassons will be out it will be great. Also i like general story, Thargoids mystery and current tension between Empire and Federation. Well i dont like that i know how it will end…its certain that Empire will crush those weak, coward Feds, they wanted a war and thats what they will get :smiley:

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You know Empy is much smaller, so you meet ppl and so on, but its not working. Elite is perfect simulation, but too huge for more casual pvp or so. If Frontier Development give some lesson how to make flight model to Eleon that would be probably good.

I raly like distributing energy stuff in Elite, and afterburner, and chaffs and all that crap you need to use to survive in combat. Its simple but together it leaves you with thousand of ways how to fight while every mistake costs you life and milions in ship.

I loved when friend of mine bought new Conda, but didnt had enough many to equip it, well never go in fight in stock ship. He survived badly damaged, when he got home nearly someone interdicted him and destroyed his glass in cocpit but he managed to run again, and 7:30 min of o2. Friend made it to starbase but was so much in panic that he crashed his ship into station and died. So at the end he made a mistake and then we was listening for 2 and half hour to story of his end. And thats what i like, you dont die in second, its series of bad choices which force you to make other bad choices and at the end you die. Lovely.

Same with my brother. I told him to put one more hull reinforcement insde that Asp, and then i was listening to him swearing, trying to reboot ship to kick on powerplant to try to make it to some outpost :smiley:

Ahh… I had forgotten about crashing on docking and the lasers inside the base… how many times ive been a wanted man docking in a hurry :smiley:

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