Emergency Warp Issue

So it seems that when EAH is on, its a 50 50 chance you will be kicked when entering a playfield. Below is what it shows in the logs:

21-01:48:47.901 19_48 -LOG- Server kicking player CId=83, EId=32, 76561197967349333/=/‘thegrazzman’: [c][FF0000]There was a problem with your position. We warped you. Please login again in 10 seconds.[-][/c]

After a lot of laying around, it looks like this only occurs when EAH is running. I checked the EAH and everything that has anything to do with warping is off.

Started with the last experimental version of EAH posted a few days ago. Using 6.0.6

Ok I will turn that off. something is wired about it. cause the players show disconnected for a second when they switch the playfield. Update comes tomorrow or monday.

You have trouble seeing People online? Is it correct. Because we had some big issues. If yes the next might fix it anyhow. But I will put that Emergency warp on login as an extra check in config and turn it off by default

We had an issue with the first Exp version you posted with players online, but the one I downloaded a few days ago has been working GREAT… I’v loved it, what ever you changed did the job. The warp thing has only been since 6.0.6 and is killing us. everything else is great.

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Ok. Thanks for the info. Yeah I changed it now. Next EXP is comming hopefully the next 2 days. Then its fixed. Sorry for the trouble. Not sure yet why that happend.

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Just wanted to check, has the update been posted? I can see the dates on the files changed but no change in the version on the download page. Thxs again for all the great work.

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It was a quick update.
As announced in the offic. forum a proper changelog + announcement is coming with 6.0

So it has been updated to fix this or not? It’s a major problem on my server

It has, indeed, been updated to fix this. We haven’t had a single pole warp since updating.

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thanks for the info. Sorry, I was gone the last week.
Its also an option in the config now, So if you want some trouble, you can activate it again ;).