Emp Admin Helper no structures?

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Just downloaded and loving this tool.

However the structure screen shows no info? I have a player whos ship got lost with a server move and want to move it for him back to his base but now cant find it as the structure screen show no info?

Hey @Silvrav

there are two ways to get the structures. First do you use the API? Second do you have the EAH service running? Only then you get the structures shown in the structures window.

Also do you have an own dedicated server or a rented one like Nitrado for example?


Hi Rex

Dedicated that I VM into via remote desktop connection.

I use the full desktop version.

EAH service?

Hey. Just go to the config and check the “Mod Connection” setting. If you do that and restart the tool (and the server -game maybe) you should get all the structures.
If you dont want to use the mod (which I would not suggest. Bett use the mod, much better and live data) then you have to start the “EmpAdminHelper Service.exe” in the tool folder. That sends all the structures to the tool. but that is not needed if you use the “Mod Connection”.

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I don’t see a mod connection setting? is this under config in the tool?

Should be on the top right corner.

What Version of EAH do you have?

aaa found it, let me enable and restart server

excellent! Thanks bud, it worked.

for interest what does the mod connection do?

Mod connection is actually the API. It fetches real time data from the game.

excellent thanks. I see it does not pull through on the autominer tab? I have a few that got lost in server update and needs to be changed back to their factions…

Sorry to bring up old post but I’m having this issue and I do not see the mod connection @RexXxuS

5 years old necro :open_mouth:
Afaik the mod connection checkbox is now handled with more detailed data about your API IP etc.
@Jascha can help you more but overall make sure to read the documentation and set up all settings/paths correct:

So if you have issues, please describe your problem and your environment exactly.

i am running empadminhelper on a PC that has my server on it emp admin helper isn;t showing any of the structurs or playfileds i was told my ADP

do i need to open ADI port on my router?

Do you use any other mods?
If you dont see palyfields not structures, that means your sector file could not be read / found.
What scenario do you use?
Can you send me your EAH logs via PM please.

Please also double check this guide:

No mods at this time but trying to get resource extractor and recycling

Will send you EAH logs latter today