EmpAdmin Helper taking a lot of GPU resources

Hey I’ve been running a server for quite some time that I use to mine Etherium in the background. The server runs perfectly fine, but I noticed with the admin helper up my mining is reduced by 90%. Is there a reason admin helper doesn’t run mainly on cpu, or is there a setting I can use within the admin helper to lower gpu impact? If not, I understand. Just curious as to why an app with basic ui would tax vram so hard.


sorry to hear that. This is mainly due to WPF. But you can turn off the list update (see check box on bottom center). That could reduce the impact it has a bit.

Hey it worked and I got all my resources back! Thanks from all of us at the TFOG community server! Seriously this app is by far the best manager for a server I’ve seen, and I’ve been hosting servers for 20+ years.

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