Empty BA fuel tanks that should be full, no power to fridge, thousants of spoiled food

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What happened:
=> returned to the game after about 30(35?) hours, BA fuel tanks are empty, lots of spoiled food in fridge, due to lack of power. I remember F tanks should be about 90-95% when i left (i think about 20-24K of fuel) so it should have been enough for a few days(3-5?), given the presence of solar panels?

Player(s) with issue:
=> leonidovea

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 2019.10.05 15:00

=> Federation-HQ

Structure Name(s):
=> Lea_HB (BA), BA_Fridge_1 (fridge)

Structure ID(s):
=> 3970939

How can we help you now:
=> So, is this a game/server bug, or fuel tanks just goes empty after 24h not visiting game?
If it’s a bug, please restore items(food) in BA_Fridge_1(i’ll make it empty for now), and the equivalent of lost fuel in fuel cells, if than possible?
Thank you in advance!

be sure to check the fuel consumption rate. it shows time till empty in the control panel. leaving construction devices on are a huge power drain. lights and LCDs can be set to motion sensors to turn on only when a player is near. the HWS power company is brutal this season. go green with solar panels :wink:

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also check if the Base had a shield generator. They consume slightly more energy on HWS than vanilla.


Yes, time till empty in control panel P, statistic, i check it before ‘help’ post.
No shield gen on BA. All devises are on, no production.
Checking again, In case 25% of F tanks, it shows 25h 40min.
And now i fill 100%, numbers are 100hours 30min till empty.
So it is REALLY more than 30hours that i left :anguished:
EVEN if i left some production tusks before leaving, and it takes one(two?) game hour and couldn’t consume more, than 10-15% of this 100 real time hours.
Just checked situation with production on (large constructor, food processor), with 100% full Ftanks timer shows 15-25 hours. 15-25h ‘when producting’, but production couldn’t took more when 1-2 hours (even if 5 hours, we get about - 20-35% from 100Hours of non producing, it’s still >50 hours)
So i still think something goes wrong with this mathematics :neutral_face:

There are bugs around this for many versions now.
Sometimes in MP if you leave something constructing and then log off, the game will stop producing things in the constructor but will run as if at full power until you log back in.

Let’s say you were constructing 100 fuel packs in the constructor and logged off before it finished. It should only take a few minutes to construct all those, but sometimes the game will keep using the full power as if it’s still constructing them until you log back in.
So your 100+ hours might have been reduced to a fraction of that because of this bug.

It’s been reported quite a few times ever since they added DSL into the game. It still happens but they were never able to reproduce it at will to fix it.

I’m not saying this is for sure what happened here, but it seems highly likely based on your descriptions.


Looks like you are right, if more than one constructor and food processor consumes power like whey ‘working all the time’ even after crafting is finished (and the player was offline)… 30 hours could be enough to use all of the fuel.
So there is nothing i can do with it for now, i think. Will try not to leave working constructor when going offline :man_facepalming:
TwitchyJ, thanks for you answer!

i grew up with “fight the power!” stuck in my head so i have never really trusted power companies. :-p i have run out of power in many different cases so i tend to pay close attention to the power consumption. what i have noticed is there are many variables in this calculation that are constantly changing. the displayed results has a bit of a delay (and possibly a miscalculation.) i have built construction farms, ration farms, recycle farms, furnace farms, and combinations of them. what i have noticed is the fluctuating value as construction progresses. every one of the construction devices will change the consumption value while they are in use. what i noticed though is that when a device has been queued to do multiple stacks, it will only show more usage as it is building/recycling an item. there is a split second it does not draw power as it finishes one and moves to the next. now queue up about 32 constructors to make 1000 of a different items and u have them running running at several different power levels at different times. this is the reason for the consumption value has a delay in it’s accuracy. its a rough battle fighting the power company. HWS Electric Company doesn’t mess around when ur late on ur bill.

i now use alien cores for all my farms due to this. thank u @RexXxuS for the many fun events that have given me all the power i will ever need :slight_smile:

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